christopher_luv (christopher_luv) wrote in pregnant_father,

First Child

Well, I'm on the road to being a father for the first time. At the moment I'll calm, not to happy and not scared shitless, I'm in the get stuff done and take care of things mod. My fiance has been having realy bad morning sickness that isn't too concerned about keeping to the mornings as it strikes at anytime. She's also on the moode swing ride from hell, which Is totaly new to me, quite the chalange. She is a greate woman and acknowledges that she is out of control sometimes, which realy helps me cause then I know it's not just me. I think that that helps the man out a lot when the woman accepts that her emotions aren't always rational, at leat it does me cause then I can just let them slide past and know that I am helping her by not taking offence. I would love to here from men that have delt with the 'Mood Swings' issue and how they handle it, especialy the 'You did this to me you bastard!' mood.
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