Pregnant Fathers

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When I learned that my wife and I were pregnant for our first child the first thing I did was to look for any information I could on pregnancy from the fathers perspective, didn't find much of squat. So I turned to the livejournals and weblogs, didn't find a lot there for fathers, but quite a bit for pregnant mothers. So I decided to start my own LJ, and here it is. In general, this is a place for those men that want to be the best fathers and husbands to their pregnant mate can exchange ideas, get advise and just generally talk about what it means to be a pregnant father. My hope is that this will become a place where New fathers can post questions, like how to deal with mood swings, crying babies, how to keep it all together, exc. and get advice from the well healed fathers with lots of experience.

I also encourage you to post links to good pregnancy related sites, feelings on being a father(good and bad) and just about anything else related to being an expectant father.
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